MAGA Republican Reveals The Truth About Covid

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama has claimed that the Coronavirus pandemic is a manmade “bioweapon” developed by the Communist Chinese in an interview on the Fox News Channel.

Brooks, a candidate for United States Senate in Alabama, said to FNC’s “Fox News Live” that it will definitely be something we will need to “learn to live with” even with a reluctance to talk about the pandemic by Dem leaders.

“The bottom line is that the American people need to know this: Covid is a bioweapon that was developed and produced by the Communist Chinese Party alongside the People’s Liberation Army in a Wuhan bioweapons laboratory,” he claimed. “It is going to be here for a while, and we will have to learn to live with it. We cannot continue locking ourselves up and shutting everything down, which is one of the main policies that has unfortunately done a lot of damage to our economy and to our country at the assistance of Dem. mayors, governors and to some degree, Pres. Joe Biden. That is not going to work anymore.”

During the interview, Jacqui Heinrich started questioning the merits of Mo Brooks’ claim, adding that there is “not any evidence” of the claim that it was a lab built “bioweapon from the Communist Chinese.”

Mo Brooks insisted that he had seen a lot of the proof on this and then doubled down on the claim.

“I have seen a lot of information regarding the virus and some of it is classified, some of it is not, some of it consists of private meetings with an individual who was working in that program within Communist China, who was involved in a part of their bioweapons program, letting us know what was taking place. It is a bioweapon. It is a virus that was manmade, and it was created at the Wuhan bioweapons laboratory. Now, could I make that claim with a hundred percent certainty? No. But I am able to say that with a very high amount of confidence that it was developed by the Chinese, and that is my belief.”

Author: Scott Dowdy