MAGA Supporters Purged From Federal Government

President Biden is allegedly trying to find people that are loyal to Trump to purge the government.

Former President Trump appointed numerous supporters to committees and boards and installed them into long-term positions within the government. Biden is now working to undo this, fearing those people might interfere with his agenda.

Democrats have tried to use the Jan. 6 trespassing at the Capitol to slander Trump supporters. The effort to demonize conservatives within the government began long ago, however. Right after the election, AOC called for making a database of Trump officials in case they attempted to disconnect from the former president.

“Do we have someone archiving these Trump supporters for when they deny their complicity? I can see many deleted Tweets and photos in the future,” Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet on Nov. 6.

Biden is now going after Trump supporters within the government, and “experts” are encouraging the purge by saying that Trump loyalists within the government are a “threat to democracy.”

“With the excuse of stopping a non-existent ‘deep state’ coup, Trump appears to have installed a deep state for himself,” Executive Editor David Rohde said to reporters. Rhode went on to claim that Trump’s “burrowing” was a danger to democracy.

Project on Government Oversight public policy director Liz Hempowicz said: “Not to be dramatic, but these people could do enormous damage.”

A Biden official admitted the administration is performing a review of Trump appointments but did not mention a wider review of Trump’s people within in the bureaucracy.

The administration “is performing a thorough review of several commissions and boards,” a White House official said to reporters. “As part of this review, we may remove certain individuals whose  membership on the board would not be in the public interest.”

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