Mainstream Media Loses Its Grip On Americans

The Biden administration is coming together poorly for the establishment media, with trust in the press going to insane new lows.

An Edelman poll shows that a majority of the public, for the very first time, distrusts the media.

56% of people say that “reporters are purposely attempting to mislead people by reporting things they know are wrong or greatly exaggerated.”

58% of people say that “most news companies are more focused on supporting a political position than informing the public.”

Democrats are more easily fooled by the media than GOP members, with 57% of Democrats still supporting the media and just 18% of Republicans accepting the media’s fake news.

Comparing this to previous Edelman polls reveals that the media has lost all credibility in recent years, only getting a brief boost during Trump’s administration.

The liberal news networks are currently facing a grave threat to their business model with President Trump being removed from the equation.

The ratings of MSNBC and CNN have declined to embarrassing lows, with Tucker Carlson maintaining his viewership in the post-Trump era and emerging as President Biden’s most powerful critic.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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