Mainstream Media Takes “White Nationalist” Lunacy To Stunning New Levels

MSNBC seems to have the sole goal of stroking liberal America’s moral superiority. It keeps their blood pressures at normal levels.

So, when they could not dismiss the numerous protests about Critical Race Theory and other anti-white garbage infecting our schools, they lashed out in a predictable way. For weeks, these clowns have attempted to peddle their narrative that for one, CRT is not taught inside schools, and two, it is tin-foil hat stuff for conservatives.

Well of course, parents know better. They saw that CRT was all about targeting white kids—and these are not even die-hard conservatives neither. There is no voter with a squishier spine than a suburban parent. Period. And they are not happy watching this racial guilt tripping infest our schools. The Biden Justice Dept. is now treating them like domestic terrorists since some of the meetings have gotten quite heated.

Parents are angry about what has impacted their kids—you believed that was going to be easy? What else could be causing this? Well, you better believe the liberal media is there with a brand new theory about where this anger is coming from (via Fox News):

Some MSNBC hosts are now running with the narrative that parents who are angry are dangerous or even racist.

Far-left MSNBC fill-in anchor Jason Johnson asked this week if White nationalism somehow played into the angry scenes American parents.

“To me, this is really about people getting upset about mask mandates or is there an underlying disruptive force, White nationalism, anarchism, whatever, in this nation, that are using mask mandates to wage this chaos?” Johnson asked.

Yes, let’s recycle this ‘white nationalist’ nonsense yet again. This was also used on people who wanted to go back to work to feed their families when the coronavirus lockdowns were in place. Anytime these guys are forced into a corner, they pull out the anti-white phrases “racist” or “White nationalist” to censor angry white people. We all know this. Whatever we do not like comes from racism. That’s how these Democrat clowns are wired.

It has become laughably predictable.

Author: Blake Ambrose