Major Media Outlet Caught Bribing Rioters To Commit Violence

A man who said he was an independent journalist when he was caught in the center of the violence during the Capitol breach has been hit with more charges and had $90,000 in assets taken from him for selling his videos to the mainstream media.

John Earle Sullivan said he entered the Capitol with the plan of recording the rioters, yet quickly got notoriety for his history of anti-police activism that included rioting and violent threats in his state of Utah.

According to the affidavit when he was first captured on charges of disorderly conduct, unlawful entry and attempted obstruction of justice, Sullivan started the day of Jan. 6 with the goal of burning down the Capitol Building and removing President Trump from office.

“We obtained video of Sullivan, published online, which showed him at a protest, He yelled to the crowd, ‘we about to burn this to the ground,’ ‘we got to remove Trump and rip him out … f***ing jerk him out, we are not waiting,’” the affidavit revealed. “Sullivan then chants, ‘it is time for revolution.’”

He was also using a ballistics vest and a gas mask when he reached the Capitol.

Now prosecutors have taken special notice of the tens of thousands of dollars Sullivan made by selling his footage while encouraging riots through Congress.

This footage also has the murder of Ashli Babbit, which happened when Sullivan was in the area.

It was recently reported that certain U.S. officials took $90,000 from Sullivan and filed more charges against him. Sullivan now has eight total counts, including weapons crimes related to the Jan. 6th event.

A seizure warrant showed he was paid $90,000 from several news outlets, although it redacted outlet names.

However, in a recent hearing, Sullivan’s attorneys gave invoices showing CNN and NBC each gave him $35,000 for the footage rights.

According to a DOJ affidavit, Sullivan founded the group Insurgence USA. And prosecutors said the group was “absolutely the reason Mr. Sullivan committed these acts.”

“It is Sullivan’s reason for his participation in the riot,” Attorney Candice Wong said.

Was he a leftist agitator?

She said his videos show he was supportive of violence, including against police and that he was “a kind of resource for rioters.”

“Under the excuse of journalism … he incited violent activity on Jan. 6,” Wong said.

And what did the news outlets do? Pay him well for the footage he got, footage that they expertly spun to be conservative-only violence.

Author: Steven Sinclaire