Marjorie Greene Makes Democrats Pay The Ultimate Price

Marjorie Taylor Greene pledged that liberals would be held accountable for their underhanded move to remove her of her assignments, speaking prior to yesterday’s vote in a statement given to conservative reporters.

Greene is promising that a future GOP majority in the House will use this same tactic as soon as they secure power again.

“If Democrats strip me of my assignments, I promise them the precedent will be used against their people once we reclaim a majority after the 2022 midterms. And we will reclaim the majority, make no doubts about it.”

To remove a freshman lawmaker of her committee assignments for comments made well before being elected to office is unheard of. As GOP voters demand leaders who will really fight the globalists in the Biden White House, top Republicans have instead condemned Greene. The chaos aimed at the Georgia conservative is solely based on old Facebook posts mentioning “Q”, with Greene since saying she doesn’t even support the ‘Q’ conspiracy.

Democrats in Congress like Rashida Tlaib, Adam Schiff, and Maxine Waters might face a plethora of actions ranging from the removal from their committee assignments to prosecution for their actions. GOP leaders opted to go easy on the far-left Democrats, a choice that critics are now seriously questioning after the Democrats’ “No Mercy” agenda against Republicans.

The DNC Party has been fine with eroding liberties and due process for the sake of persecution throughout the Donald Trump presidency, arrogantly assuming they won’t be held accountable and that they will have power indefinitely. Such an assumption is wrong.

Ultimately, the ‘Cancel Culture’ will keep being an effective weapon of liberals until conservatives find the will to fight fire with fire.

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