Martyred Hero Rolls Over In His Grave After Biden Insults His Legacy

President Joe Biden has shockingly used the 10th anniversary of the MLK Jr. monument in DC to yet again go after and condemn President Trump supporters for protesting at the Capitol on January 6.

“There is a tough through line from enslaved people during our earliest time to the reign of radical terror, the KKK, to Dr. Matin Luther King being murdered,” Biden said in his speech at the MLK monument.

He said the same hateful forces that backed slavery in the south has come back during the protests in Charlottesville, the rise in hate crimes on Asians during the covid pandemic, and the “violent deadly insurrection” that happened on January 6.

“It was all about white supremacy in my opinion,” Biden stated, saying that, “The throughline is that hate never vanishes.”

Biden admitted he once thought that hate disappeared as progress happened in the United States.

“I thought once we went pushed past it, it would vanish. But it does not go away,” Biden said. “It only hides until a person gives oxygen to it from under the rocks which they’re hiding under and gives it breath.”

Biden again mentioned his conspiracy about the domestic threat of so-called white supremacists as “the most lethal terrorist inside the homeland” promising to use federal government forces to combat it.

“We must not and cannot give hate safe harbor,” he state.

Biden showed exasperation that many GOP members continued to think he did not really win the 2020 election.

“To something like 20 percent or maybe half of Republicans, the registered GOP members, I’m not your true president,” Biden stated. “Donald J. Trump is still president.”

Crossing himself, he went on, “As we Catholics like to say, ‘Oh my God.’”

This is all a part of Biden and the Democrats’ continuing war to isolate and eliminate white people in America who are against mass immigration. Their power over the term “hate” gives them power to do whatever they want to people whom they apply the word to. And those people are always only white American who are conservative or sometimes non-white conservatives.

Author: Scott Dowdy