Matthew McConaughey’s Political Numbers In Texas Are Shocking

Matthew McConaughey is weighing a possible campaign for governor of Texas, and he already seems to have a large lead over Greg Abbott, according to a new survey.

The 51-year-old actor, a Texas native, has been hinting at a possible run against Abbott for some time. He recently told a TV interviewer that “it would be up to the people more than myself” whether or not he goes into politics.

Now, in a new survey done by The Dallas Morning News, it appears they have spoken afterall. McConaughey has a large lead ahead of Abbot, with 45% of people saying they would vote for him versus 33% for Abbott. Twenty-two percent responded that they would vote for another person.

The poll was done between April 6th and 13th among 1,126 voters; with a margin of error of 2.92%. Despite the small data, the numbers show the actor’s chances are good. He is already beating the Republican by double digits, despite having only teased a run.

“McConaughey gets a boost from his well-known name and his help of Texans and his celebration of the state., Political scientist Mark Owens explained. “Most people understand his story, but some are waiting to see more.”

While the numbers look great for the actor, his politics might keep him from winning the state. About 56% of GOP members said they would vote for Abbott versus 30% for McConaughey. Democrats voted 66% in favor of the Hollywood actor.

McConaughey has in past criticized both Republicans and Democrats and has come across as a moderate who condemns the whole system as the problem rather than one party. For example, in December he slammed what he said was the “illiberals” and the “extreme” right during his appearance on “Good Morning Britain.”

This could be a problem because as the survey reveals, the ideological divide in America favors someone who is either more liberal or conservative.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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