Media Tries To Cover For Biden’s Latest Failure — It Does Not Go Well

We reported yesterday on President Joe Biden’s politically convenient admission almost a year after he took office and more than year after he promised to “stop the virus” that there was not a “federal solution” to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This must get solved at the state level,” he went on to state, mentioning a point that many GOPers including former President Donald Trump were making from the get-go, which they were then demonized for because they dared to believe anything that would get managed at the federal level was destined for failure because that is really all the federal government understands how to do.

Though it was shocking to hear these words coming from Joe Biden, some of normal crew in the mainstream media did not waste time in trying to cover for Joe by saying his comments were taken out of context.

CNN White House reporter John Harwood, who is not a stranger to helping Democrats, appeared on the very low rated “New Day” program today where a talk was happening about Biden’s comments from yesterday. Fill-in anchor John Avlon took what Biden said on his first day as president and compared them to what he said this week. It was an obvious flip, but Harwood – always the Democrat apologist – did not see things this way:

The big problem with Hardwood’s strange spin here is that nobody is reporting that the Feds have “no role.” What conservatives have said is that the role of the feds can and should be limited, because they know that people who best understand the needs of their local areas and states are officials at those levels, and not at the federal level.

The federal government has some responsibility for oversight, yes, and maybe there should be some coordination for supplies but not how the Feds dictate what the current needs of states should be during a pandemic which, unfortunately, is what the Joe Biden White House did a few months before when they chose to take over the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments in a slap at Governor Ron DeSantis and other conservative governors who were pushing these treatments.

Author: Scott Dowdy