Memorial Day Poll Proves Biden’s Second Term Is Impossible

Many voters see Biden as a “weaker” leader for the U.S. military compared to past presidents, a Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday showed.

The poll, taken among 1,000 possible voters, asked about views on Biden’s strength as leader.

“Compared to recent presidents, is Biden a stronger leader for the military or weaker?” the survey asked.

A large group, 43 percent, said “weaker,” and 32 percent said “stronger,” 18 percent reported Biden being “about the same,” and 7 percent was unsure.

Democrats were much more likely to see Biden as “stronger,” 55 percent versus Republican’s 12 percent. 75 percent of Republicans said they see Biden as “weaker,” as did 44 percent of independents.

The survey also asked if the respondents believe Biden is more aggressive or less so than recent presidents in supporting “what is best for America” in relation to other world leaders, in particular.

The majority, 54 percent, reported “less aggressive,” compared to 24 percent who reported “more aggressive” and 16 percent said “around the same.” 78 percent of GOP members said “less aggressive.” For independents and Democrats, fifty-four percent and 31 percent agreed, respectively.

Biden was a part of a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery this Monday, where he said that democracy is in “peril”:

Trump also put out a statement in honor of the military on Memorial Day, saying that America’s warriors are “the greatest force for peace, justice, and security among any nation to ever exist.”

Author: Scott Dowdy