Mike Pence Lays Down The Law On Schiff – Turns The Democrats’ Impeachment Fight Back On Them

By Adam Casalino October 15th, 2019 | Image Source: Politico

Dems thought they could impeach Pence too – but our VP is turning the tables!

The Democrats thought they could divide and conquer. Adam Schiff thought they could throw enough mud at Trump and Pence that the rest of the GOP would cower away in fear.

They thought wrong.

Not only are Republicans taking a stand, but Trump’s right-hand-man, Mike Pence is entering the fight. They started investigating Pence too, hoping that if he and Trump were impeached, Pelosi could become President.

Well, Vice President Pence is not sitting back and letting the Democrats overturn our Constitution and nation. We know their plan is to ruin Trump’s 2020 chances with this bogus impeachment.

So, Mike Pence is fighting back by reaching out directly to the American people.

From Washington Examiner:

Vice President Mike Pence has beefed up his West Wing communications team as he confronts an accelerating impeachment inquiry into President Trump…

“The good thing is, Pence fights back on everything that anyone throws up at him,” said Charlie Black… “What’s important in impeachment proceedings, and whenever you’re being accused, is to respond quickly with facts that refute it.”

Vice President Pence is fighting this impeachment attack by beefing up his own communications team.

Not willing to let the left control this story, he is hiring top staffers to get the facts out to the public.

All day, every day, the media distorts the events on Capitol Hill with their bias. They back up Democrats like Adam Schiff, spreading an anti-Trump narrative.

They want us to believe that Donald Trump was trying to force Ukraine to help him take down Joe Biden. (As if Trump needs help beating Sleepy Joe!)

But Mike Pence is sticking by the president. He is reaching out to the public with the facts.

Pence has hit the trail in battleground states. This month he’s been visiting key areas to connect with voters ahead of the 2020 Election.

The media has tried to trip up the vice president with gotcha questions about the Ukraine story.

But, as usual, Pence was not flustered. His “disciplined and calculating” demeanor won out over the left’s trick questions.

This is why Donald Trump picked him to be his VP. Pence is a fighter. He’s not a coward who runs at the first sign of confrontation.

He’s loyal, too. He won’t turn on Trump when he’s needed most.

He’s been the president’s top advocate throughout their first term. He’s helped him score major legislative wins.

And now, as Schiff and House Democrats try to remove them both (for a wild outside chance of getting Speaker Pelosi into the White House), Pence is showing he won’t be moved.

That’s the kind of man you want by the president’s side, and the kind of man who needs our support.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Mike Pence Lays Down The Law On Schiff – Turns The Democrats’ Impeachment Fight Back On Them

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