Mitt Romney Hints At His Next Enraging Move To Backstab The GOP

Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah and potential presidential candidate in 2016, said he has not decided whether to support Judge Jackson’s nomination to the United States Supreme Court during an interview with CNN’s Kasie Hunt.

Romney, who voted no to confirming Jackson to the United States Court of Appeals in 2021, said that he has begun a “much deeper look than his last evaluation.”

“I’ll complete that study and then make a decision,” he continued. “At the moment, I haven’t decided.”

Even if no Republican senators back her, the Senate Democratic caucus might still name Jackson to the court if they all vote in favor, and then Vice President Kamala Harris is the tie-breaker.

GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, Susan Collins from Maine, and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina voted yes to confirming Jackson last year.

Last week, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), who was listed as “Not Voting” when the confirmation vote took place last year, released a statement in which he praised Jackson as “an extraordinary individual,” but he stated that he would not support her appointment to the Supreme Court.

“Judge Jackson has unassailable credentials and a thorough understanding of the law, but she constantly refused to claim originalism as her judicial philosophy this week. At every moment, she not only would not identify originalism as her current judicial philosophy; she also avoided describing any judicial philosophy at all,” Sasse remarked in his statement.

Mitt Romney is well-known as a RINO Republican. Which means Republican in name only. He was one of the most vocal anti-Trump Republicans in the country during Donald Trump’s time in office.

If Republicans are ever going to defeat the Democrats, the party must eject the liberal wing who want nothing more than to flood America with hundreds of million of third worlders. This group are called the RINOs, but perhaps a better name for them would be the anti-white wing of the party, since they are directly in agreement with far-left Democrats when it comes to a wide range of racial issues.

Author: Scott Dowdy