Mountain Of Leaked Docs Put Fauci On The Fast-Track To Prison

Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) this Tuesday said that Dr. Anthony Fauci “lied yet again” and “must be kept accountable” after a report that the NIH gave a “bat coronavirus funding grant” of around $3.1 million, and some of this money was sent to the Chinese Wuhan Virology Institute.

“Surprise surprise – Fauci lied and I was right about his group paying for Covid-19 research at the university. Read this and the papers published,” Senator Paul said this Tuesday after news about the report.

“I have already requested that the DOJ needs to review Dr. Fauci’s testimony for his lying to the U.S. Congress. This document should make it very clear that he must be kept accountable,” he said in another post:

The documents which were published by the Intercept, which features over 900 pages, reveals that the group named EcoHealth Alliance had a funding grant that was titled “Understanding the Risks of Bat Coronavirus.” According to them, the documents “caused more concerns about the idea that the covid pandemic started with a lab accident, a theory that Daszak has always dismissed.”

One of the crucial details says that the $3.1 million bat covid grant awarded to EcoHealth Alliance had “$599,000 that the Wuhan Virology Lab used to research and change bat coronaviruses to infect humans.”

During the pandemic, Dr. Fauci denied that his NIH agency had funded the gain-of-function scientific research.

Senator Paul, who has been the leader in the criticisms against Dr. Fauci — especially over his ever-changing statements and his denial of gain-of-function research — got into a heated debate with the Biden medical adviser over his previous statement that the NIH had never given money to gain-of-function research during a hearing this summer.

“You get an animal virus and then boost its transmissibility to human beings, you are saying that is not a gain-of-function?” Senator Paul challenged Fauci, leading to a quick response.

“Yeah, that is right, and Senator Paul, you don’t know what you are referring to, quite frankly,” Fauci said. “And I wish to say this officially. You do not understand what you are referring to.”

“This is the definition that your guys wrote. It states that any scientific research that boosts the transmissibility in animals is known as gain-of-function. The scientists took viruses that only are seen in animals and they boosted their transmissibility to human beings. How can you say this is not gain-of-function?” Senator Paul asked.

“You are dancing around this since you are trying to hide responsibility for the four million people who have died globally from the pandemic,” Paul quipped.

Author: Steven Sinclaire