Navy Seal Veterans Go Thermonuclear On Biden

Around a half-dozen former Navy SEALs who are planning to jump into political races before the 2022 midterms have slammed President Biden, asking why he has yet to mandate that Americans trapped in Afghanistan be rescued instead of vaccines.

The ex-military operators, in comments to Fox News, were speaking about the deadly and disastrous evacuation back in August after 13 United States military personnel — two Army soldiers, 11 Marines and one Navy corpsman — were killed from a suicide bombing close to the airport in Kabul.

“If the Biden White House is so worried about saving Americans with his mandates, his mask mandates, why doesn’t he mandate we rescue Americans and save them in Afghanistan?” said Morgan Luttrell, who is a Republican candidate in Texas’ 8th District.

“I was fortunate enough to talk to an interpreter that served with us for a long time, and his family is still there. And he begged us, he is like, ‘Who do I need to speak to so I can get my family over?’ He spoke with perfect English. Where is that at?” Luttrell, who is retired from the Navy and was an adviser to Donald Trump’s Energy Sec. Rick Perry, said.

“All Biden has to do is give the order, just say let’s do this. Let’s task Austin and Milley, and go get our people,” he said, making reference to Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley.

“And where are the congressional investigations?” former Trump Interior Dept. Secretary Ryan Zinke, who is running in Montana’s 2nd District, asked.

“This is a Biden-created problem, that we have left our family members, we have left our allies, and not only has the government not helped in getting our people out, they have worked as obstacles in many cases,” Zinke said further.

“Now, I am messaged each day by people that have family that still need to get out of that nation. And in many cases, our State Dept., under this White House, has not only not helped, they are the top obstacle of getting Americans out. There should be investigations to get to the truth about what is really going on,” he said to “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade.

Author: Steven Sinclaire