New Jan 6th Footage Shows The Enraging Truth About The “Riot”

Why has Washington been trying so hard to hide the surveillance footage of January 6th? We might have an answer to this question if these newly released videos are any sign.

A judge ordered the footage to be released against the request of federal prosecutors who said doing so might undermine their national security. Of course, this makes no sense, and what is on these videos runs against the chosen narrative.

Behold, the event that was said to be like the Civil War by Joe Biden and the Democrats.

If you can’t see the video, what you will see are open doors and people strolling in. There was not a mad rush, violence, and no weapons, and certainly not an organized insurrection. Instead, Americans mingle, take selfies, and photos of the architecture. Yes, it is trespassing and that is illegal, but what’s on that footage is a lot different from the huge threat we have been told was there that day. Does it seem like Congressional members were going to get murdered?

Again, I am not trying to suggest that Jan. 6th was not dumb. I believe the short-sighted people who perpetrated it did true damage to Trump and his MAGA movement. Yet, I also believe we live in reality, and what this footage shows is not a country-shattering insurrection organized by a higher authority. Rather, it shows people who made a stupid decision.

But trespassing is not a reason to keep Americans locked up forever, and it is not an excuse for the federal government to keep evidence from the public simply because they know it will embarrass them and hurt their narrative. There are thousands of more hours of video that should also be released at this point. Let the evidence speak for itself. The idea that this endangers national security is a complete joke, and I am glad this judge saw it through.

Meanwhile, liberals are assuring us that non-violent enforcement of illegals surging through the border is a violation of human rights. Yet, they applauded the killing of Ashli Babbitt as being justified since she was where she was not supposed to be. See the problem? This is all political, from those who are obsessing over January 6th to the liberal prosecutors who want to boost their career on what comes to simple assault at best. We truly are in the most insane of times.

Author: Steven Sinclaire