New January 6th Video Reveals Police Committing Murder In The Crowd

Newly-released footage from the January 6 United States Capitol shows what seems to be Capitol police assaulting 34-year-old Rosanne Boyland to the point of death.

The fake news media had before said that Boyland was trampled by the pro-Trump crowd and then said she died of a drug overdose, but the video released by the FBI seems to prove otherwise:

This footage seems to confirm past reports from The Gateway Pundit saying that Boyland was murdered by United States Capitol police. The feds now refuse to allow the thousands of hours of video from that day as they cover-up what really occurred on January 6th.

We have previously reported on how other videos that the feds were forced to publish against their will revealed peaceful Trump supporters walking through the Capitol after being allowed let in without any struggle.

“Video finally published from the January 6 demonstration, which was called a “coup” or an “insurrection” by deranged Democrats shows polite protestors strolling through open doors at the United States Capitol seemingly with the help of police on the scene.”

“The video shows that January 6 was a protest with just a small percentage of Donald Trump supporters and many outside agitators attempting to commit violence:”

“The U.S. Attorney’s office worked for months to censor this video as they pushed out their propaganda campaign with the news media to paint Donald Trump supporters as terrorists. However, even the deep state is being forced to admit there is no true evidence proving that the January 6 protest was a planned insurrection.”

“The FBI has even been forced to admit that no such insurrection ever happened on January 6.”

This new video proves that Democrat-led feds will stop at nothing when it comes to policing conservatives and especially Trump supporters. Contrast this with the BLM riots of last year and how they were allowed to burn down buildings, attack police officers and bring entire cities to a standstill without any response from police forces.

Author: Blake Ambrose