New MAGA Poll Has Democrats Trembling With Fear

President Trump seems to be dominating the 2024 Republican primary field with Republican voters based on a TIPP Poll.

This poll shows that Republicans are very enthusiastic about the idea of Trump running on the GOP ticket.

Trump leads with 60% of Republicans saying they want him on the ticket for 2024.

Polls show that Joe Biden only has 37% of Dems support for the 2024 ticket.

Ron DeSantis is in second place with 11% support from Republicans.

Third place is held by former vice president Mike Pence at 9% followed by Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz at 3% each.

1,013 registered voters took the survey between December 1-4 of 2021. The error margin is +/- 3.2%.

Have a look:

Trump gave a huge hint concerning 2024 during a Thanksgiving message. “This is an interesting time in the U.S., but don’t worry, we’ll be great again—and we’ll do it together,” Trump said.

“America will not fail, and we will not let our country go in the wrong direction. We have too many generations of great people that are counting on us,” Trump added. “Enjoy your holiday knowing that a great future lies ahead!”

Trump stated that he will “most likely” wait until the 2022 midterm elections are over before he formally announces whether he will be running again in 2024.

“I am definitely thinking about it and we will see,” Trump said. “I think many people will be very happy, with the decision, and I will probably officially announce that after the midterms.”

Biden does intend to run for reelection in 2024, according to Jen Psaki.

Trump has a big lead over the other potential 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls in Iowa, based on a new survey.

Trump received 55.7%, according to pollster Rick Shaftan. He leads his closest rival, Gov. Ron DeSantis, by more than 40%.

Ron DeSantis received 12.3%. Gov. Kristi Noem was in third place at 2.1%.

A “red wave” is possible during the mid-term elections that are coming up. There’s only one year left until the midterms.

Polls show that Dems are in major jeopardy of losing control of Congress.

According to a new poll, Biden is receiving almost “rock-bottom approval ratings,” Fox News reports.

Kamala Harris was even worse as Dems trail by a huge margin on the generic congressional ballot. Only 37.8 percent of those that were surveyed approved of Joe Biden’s job performance while 59 precent disapproved. He is greater than 21 points underwater.

Harris received a 27.8 percent approval rating with 51.2 percent disapproving of her performance. This is greater than 23 percent underwater, the report adds.

With President Biden’s approval decreasing, Dems will likely lose close to the 41 seats that Trump lost, Washington Examiner reports.

This is more seats than the GOP needs to take control of the House. The Polls show that a lot of Americans are furious with Joe Biden.

Author: Scott Dowdy