New Poll Shows Americans Are About To “Snap” In The Worst Way Possible

Some believed the adults were back in charge. Jobs would be returning. The norms would return. Coronavirus would be stopped. And President Biden would unite America.

If you had believed any of this—you need to have your head checked because it was all an obvious lie. All of these guys lie.

Yet, we are not going into the former items since we all know those are a dumpster fire. I am talking about the united bit.

Are we heading for a collapse of America? Will the United States of America break up? We have heard this since forever. There is always some liberal or conservative news personality that has spoken about the so-called national divorce.

If it happens, it would be the second iteration of such an idea, with the first being the American Civil War.

Blue states and red states have long tolerated one another, I guess. But there is a difference in culture for sure. It is between snobby, woke, and anti-white liberals versus everyone else it seems like.

Even non-whites don’t like their agenda given that all polls show they want closed borders instead of open borders. These liberals are a minority, but they also dominate areas of power.

Now news stories are honing in on the number revealing that most Trump voters want to leave the union. That is not shocking. If you are on social media and seen the ‘Libs of Tik Tok’ account—you would want to head for the hills too.

But now, surprisingly, 41 percent of Biden supporters also feel the same way. That means not only has Biden failed to unite the nation, it also means many Americans want to see breakup.

From the NY Post:

“Over half of all voters who supported Trump in the recent presidential election report they “somewhat agree” with the idea that conservative states should break apart from the United States, while, 41 percent of Joe Biden supporters “somewhat agree” with the idea that blue states should do the same, according to a new poll”

The report then goes on to say “iIt will not be easy to fix”, which is an understatement. I can’t tell you how many people around here believe that going to states like South Carolina is like a journey to Mars. The city people freak out when they see gas stations in rural America selling ammo or any sign of angry white people at all.

These numbers mean that elections will be always be challenged, and that civil unrest will eventually erupt in a close race, and that we are inching closer to a civil war. It’s not only a debate topic anymore. It’s real.

Author: Blake Ambrose