New Poll Shows Democrats Are Losing Everything

Rasmussen Reports put out a poll on Tuesday that reveals 61 percent of possible voters agree with a comment Trump gave last week: “Election Reform needs to happen in Swing States like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona where voters have lost their confidence in the election process.”

The percentage of people who agree with Trump’s comment was bigger than those who agree with a Biden quote, with Biden saying that America is “facing the largest test of our democracy since the Civil War.” Fifty-six percent (56%) agree with this statement, and thirty-seven percent (37%) disagree with it.

This is yet more evidence that the Democrat party’s war to legalize cheating at the voter booth is backfiring on them. Even as Democrats, like the toxic Stacey Abrams, and their friends in the anti-white media scream Racism! to shut white people up, most especially about something as normal as needing a picture ID to vote, public opinion is going against them, with another poll revealing a shocking 75 percent of people are in favor of voter ID.

Something as important as voting and guarding the integrity of the vote is something most people take very seriously, and when Democrats come out against picture ID, argue against removing dead voters from voter rolls; and push for flooding swing states with millions and millions of unsolicited ballots that land inside drop boxes outside of the chain of custody (which is exactly what occurred in 2020), people start to get nervous. And this includes normal Democrats.

This is also supported by the fact that — even with the liberal media’s best efforts to gaslight, intimidate and bully people into believing otherwise — there is a lot of worries about the 2020 election, which Biden supposedly won. Case in point: a Rasmussen poll in April found a “majority (51%) of voters think it is likely that cheating changed the outcome of the 2020 election.”

So, despite being supported by billions of dollars, despite the Democratic party owning the White House, both chambers of Congress, the liberal media, Big Tech companies, and Perverted Hollywood, their message is still coming unglued.

Author: Scott Dowdy