New Report Puts ‘Bat Theory’ Completely Out Of The Question

A preponderance of evidence proves that coronavirus came from a Chinese research location, said a report by Republicans put out on Monday.

The report also mentioned “lots of evidence” that the Wuhan Virology Institute scientists β€” aided by American experts and Chinese and U.S. federal funds β€” were working to alter coronaviruses to infect humans and that this manipulation might be hidden.

Congressman Mike McCaul, the top GOP member on the Foreign Affairs Committee, released the report by the panel’s GOP staff. It pushed for a bipartisan investigation into the source of the coronavirus pandemic that has led to the deaths of 4.4 million people globally.

China denies its scientists genetically modified coronavirus that supposedly leaked from the facility in Wuhan, China – where the first coronavirus cases were seen in 2019 – a top but not yet proven theory among some experts. Beijing also denies accusations of a cover-up.

Other experts suspect the pandemic was triggered by an animal virus likely given to humans at a market near the institute.

“We now believe we should dismiss the wet market as the source,” says the report. “We also think the evidence proves that coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan Institute Lab and that it did so sometime before Sept. 12, 2019.”

The report mentioned what it said was new and under-reported details about safety protocols at the Wuhan lab, including a July ’19 request for a $1.5 million overhaul of a waste treatment system, which was under two years old.

In April, the top United States intel. agency said it accepted the scientific consensus that covid-19 was not genetically modified or man-made.

President Joe Biden back in May ordered the country’s intelligence agencies to hasten their search for the sources of the virus and report back within 90 days.

A source familiar with current intel. assessments said the U.S. intel. community has not come to any conclusion whether covid-19 was from animals or the Wuhan Institute.

This comes at a time when Democrats are growing increasingly vulnerable to the new narrative that they aided the Chinese Communist government in covering up their responsibility of the covid pandemic.

Author: Blake Ambrose