New Texas Gun Law Gives Liberals Nightmares

Reports surfaced previously that Texas’ new gun law could have trouble passing the state Senate.

Those fears are now thankfully dead. Constitutional carry is officially coming to Texas after the state Senate voted to enact the bill along party lines, with a vote of 18-13.

With the bill already passing the state’s House of Representatives, and excluding anything short of a sudden disaster—this bill is going to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk for signing. The law recently passed a Texas committee for a full vote.

The GOP-led effort to allow Texans to bring handguns with them, without needing a license, passed what was its biggest hurdle this week, when the Texas Senate barely pushed through a measure to vote on the issue, and then voting to pass it.

Constitutional carry triggers liberals, so expect to see over-the-top coverage on this which will then be followed up with strange racial arguments or COVID hysterics.

Texas will join the list of states that now do not require a permit to carry guns. It’s not only red states neither; Vermont has been constitutional carry even longer than Texas has. Bernie Sanders comes from that state, where around 70 percent of its population owns a gun.

Author: Scott Dowdy