New Vaccine Technology Has Christian-Americans Horrified

If creating an army of conspiracy theorists who do not trust the medical community and increasing vaccine hesitancy was your goal, what would you do? You would suggest storing vaccine status in microchips, of course! A Swedish company is doing that—it has created a subdural microchip implant that will be used to keep vaccine passports stored.

A company called Epicenter specializes in sub-dermal microchips. They say the implants, which are only the size of a grain of rice, use the technology called near-field communications (NFC). It can be read easily by devices like cell phones. Much like a QR code, there is no need for special apps to scan the chip.

“The technology makes the implants very versatile and they can be used for lots of different things, and at the moment it is convenient to have a Covid passport accessible on your implant,” Hannes Sjoblad said.

“I can go to a restaurant, a movie theater, and I just have to show them my arm,” he said. “They will scan me with a phone and it shows my covid passport that I have on my chip.”

Not. Creepy. At. All.

Sjoblad said he stores his health data on a chip in his chest. However, it does take a special app to access the chip with his health information, and requires his permission.

Even though this technology isn’t new, the vaccine passport application is a novel use for microchips that are implantable. Proponents do say the chips are safe and assure us that we can remove them at any time, but what’s to keep the government from making us accept the implant, just like they are trying to force us to take the vaccine?

There was lots of talk online about whether or not this is the “Mark of the Beast” as described in the book of Revelation, which is a biblical prophecy marking the End of Times.

While the Bible warns that no person knows the day of the hour when the end will occur, NFC and QR technology have made these prophecies a lot easier to imagine. In the third-century a Christian reading about the Mark of the Beast wouldn’t have thought an implantable chip that stores data could happen. But now? Now it is easy to see that a chip put under the skin could take the place of cash transactions as prophesied in the Bible. The technology already exists. The government requiring it in order to buy and sell is all that is needed now.

It’s only a matter of time before some health bureaucrat like Anthony Fauci starts suggesting implanted vaccine passports as a requirement for full participation in society. If a vaccine can be forced into your body, an implant can as well.

And let us be honest: If that day comes, millions of sheep will joyfully be microchipped like dogs and they will keep the non-compliant locked away.

Author: Scott Dowdy