New Video Reveals Trump’s Character When Media’s Not Around

The left-wing media continues to push lies about Donald Trump’s character. They claim he is a bully who pushes around the little guy. They claim he hates regular Americans and only cares about the rich. They claim he is cruel, unkind, and cold. But newly leaked video shows what Trump does when the media is not around. Democrats won’t like this at all.

For as long as I can remember, Democrats have claimed they are the “party of the people.” Not sure what that really means. I think they want us to believe they care about regular, hard-working Americans more than Republicans do.

But notice how they have never supported the things regular Americans care about. Regular Americans care about family values, faith, traditions. Democrats have encouraged every policy that erodes our values and even tramples on our traditions and beliefs.

Democrats support policies like open borders, free trade, and globalism. All of which meant fewer jobs, wage stagnation, and a limping U.S. economy.

Trying to distract from these glaring flaws, Democrats have attacked Trump, calling him a bully, elitist, and worse. They want us to think that Trump doesn’t really care about working Americans, their families, or our future.

The facts simply don’t agree. More than that, a video was recently leaked that showed what Trump is like when the press isn’t around. He was making his way, with the Secret Service, through a hotel lobby. A little girl and her family greeted him when he passed by. He noticed she was holding a big Trump sign. That’s when he stopped.

This is TRUMP off camera.

Making time for ordinary people. Caring for the regular voter & their kids.

This is why he wins #MBGA2020

Well done young lady xx [Source: Katie Hopkins, Twitter]

You can watch the video yourself, here. President Trump kindly greets the young girl, encouraging her to vote, “in about ten years.” When she asked him to sign her poster, he immediately walks over and does so. He chats with her parents for a bit, congratulating them on their smart, impressive daughter.

When Trump continues on his way, you can see the little girl’s happiness and exciting for meeting the president. She even whispers, “Finally!”

Those aren’t the actions of a cruel, uncaring, bully. Those are the actions of a man who truly cares about Americans and their families. Notice, the man holding the camera mentions the little girl is from the Philippines.

Oh, but I thought Trump was racist! Why would a man who “only cares about white people,” stop to greet and sign the poster of this child?

Seems like every last attack the left makes against the president turns out to be a lie. Yet mainstream media daily declares Trump is an uncaring, racist, bully who only serves the ruling elite.

Every last 2020 Democratic candidate attacks Trump, saying he doesn’t care about regular Americans. They ignore the fact that his policies have helped turn around Obama’s failing economy. Democrats pretend not to notice when wages for working Americans rise year after year. They don’t mention how Trump’s policies have brought America’s economy roaring back to life.

They certainly don’t notice videos like this, which show Trump cares about everyone he meets. He’s willing to stop and say hello to a single family and sign a little girl’s poster.

That’s in keeping with his reputation as a man of the people. He’s often spotted greeting and thanking the police and military that escort him wherever he goes. During events, he’s quick to greet attendees, signing posters and posing for pictures. Even if it delays his own schedule, he’ll do it.

In contrast, Bernie Sanders has a reputation for ignoring the police who work to protect his campaign. The rest of the 2020 Democrats aren’t much better. They don’t seem to care about working Americans and how their far-left agenda would cripple this economy.

The media might ignore it, but Americans aren’t. Trump truly cares. The left? They just want wealth and power.

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