New Voter ID Poll Has Leftists Pulling Their Hair Out

For months Democrats have opposed voter ID requirements, and they have reported that minorities agree with them. According to a new survey from Monmouth University, this is not true.

People were asked, “Do you support or are you against requiring voters to show a photo I.D. to vote?” The results were very supportive of requiring ID.

80 percent of people said they support voter ID. With only 18 percent being against it, while 2 percent responded that it “depends” and 1 percent reported they were unsure.

Those numbers reveal a good case that mandating a photo ID is supported by the majority of people. But a deeper look into the numbers show even more surprising things.

Monmouth found that 84 percent of the responders who were non-white supported requiring photo ID.

That support was even more than white responders, 77 percent of which said they supported the ID requirement.

Monmouth also looked at the numbers based on income, which is another way some liberals use to say that photo ID could “disenfranchise” some voters.

Of responders who earned under $50,000 per year, 81 percent supported the requirement, and just 17 percent were against it. Meanwhile, 76 percent who earned $100,000 or higher per year supported the ID requirement.

NB’s Sahil Kapur tweeted about these surprising findings in a Monday post.

The results go directly against the liberal narrative that photo ID is unfair to minorities. That narrative has been the prevailing talking point for liberals who are against new voting laws like the one in Georgia.

“Parts of our nation are going back into Jim Crow, passing laws that go back to poll taxes, when black people were forced to guess how many beans were inside a jar before they were allowed to vote., President Biden said in April.

Comparing voter ID to Jim Crow is offensive to both blacks and those who actually went through Jim Crow era. Also, it is an idea that is not even supported by America’s minorities

Nonetheless, these arguments have been pushed by liberal figures like Chris Cuomo. Who said recently that Americans should recognize a “through-line” that goes from the Tulsa massacre and voter ID requirements.

Author: Scott Dowdy