Newsom Resorts To Communism To Maintain Power Hold

Embattled Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (Calif.) is trying to make a last-ditch push to save himself from being ousted as governor of California by promising citizens new stimulus checks. While one of his competitors, candidate John Cox (R) is using a live bear in his campaign.

Cox said this week that it was too late for Newsom to bribe citizens with his stimulus check. The business owner said the people of California are tired of “pretty-boy power players.”

He then said that he was an outsider compared to Newsom’s connections to special interests. This comes as Governor Newsom said he would expand the state’s relief program to give new $600 stimulus checks for families earning under $75,000. He also says he wants to give another $500 to households with children and $500 to illegals.

The caveat is that people who already received a California State check in a previous funding round would not be eligible for the new checks.

The $12 billion proposal is the biggest ever in U.S. history and opponents are worried that it might further damage the state’s economy. Meanwhile, Governor Newsom also intends to double rental assistance.

Newsom discussed his new budget saying, “the goal is to double rental assistance in order to get 100 percent of back rent paid and give full support to renters over the next few months.” He is also urging for $2 billion of relief to pay down gas, water, and electric bills.
Author: Scott Dowdy