NFL Season Kicks Off With Embarrassing Virtue Signaling — You Have To See This

By David Hookstead September 14th, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Caller

Players across the NFL kneeled during the national anthem Sunday to start the season.

While some teams refused to even leave the locker room, many other players and at least one head coach took a knee during the anthem, according to multiple reports.

I hope you were all prepared for this because we all knew it was coming. We all knew there were going to be massive protests across the league to start the season.

Well, the first Sunday of the season is here, and the protests were just as bad as I said they would be.

They were protesting left and right.

I really don’t care what your opinion about the national anthem is, but the fact of the matters is that sports aren’t supposed to be about politics.

They’re supposed to be about winning. Instead, we’ve allowed them to get destroyed by politics.

I hope you’re all ready for this to continue because national anthem protests aren’t going anywhere. I can promise you that much.

Author: David Hookstead

Source: Daily Caller: Players Across The NFL Kneel During The National Anthem To Start The Season

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