NIKE Is Releasing A Shoe To Honor The Day Colin Kaepernick Sat For The National Anthem

By Karen Ashley December 18th, 2019 | Image Source: Chicks On The Right

This is so laughable.

He didn’t sacrifice anything! He made himself look like a spoiled rotten, entitled man-child and he’s suffering the consequences.

When my daughter cries about not wanting to do homework, a “greater cause” doesn’t exist. If you don’t respect the process and the system that’s supporting you, you’ll fail. Bottom line.

According to the Daily Wire:

Late for Christmas, but in time for a New Years’ gift, Nike is scheduled to release the new Colin Kaepernick x Nike Air Force 1 Low sneaker, which honors the date Kaepernick first sat during the national anthem by printing the date on the bottom of the shoe.

Do they come in baby sizes? I don’t see it being a good fit otherwise.

Go on down to your local Nike store, where you’ll be fitted to your oppression, and cushioned with your woke-ness – for only $110! *GAG*

The Daily Wire also reported:

One 20-year U.S. Navy veteran confronted Kaepernick when he left the field after warmups. The veteran was quoted saying, “I was in the Navy and I saw men and women bleed and die for this flag. If he wants to do something, go to some outreach program where he can do some good. And I get it, his First Amendment right. But you don’t sit during the presenting of the colors, and you don’t sit during the national anthem. That is not the way to do it.”

Think if I show up with a fake participation trophy, we can trade? Underserving trophy for undeserving shoe?

Also, if I’m going to spend THAT much on shoes, it had better be shoes that can withstand rocks, mountains, and mud. Cozy without the BS.

He should probably invest in other gear… starting with knee pads.

Author: Karen Ashley

Source: Chicks On Right: NIKE Is Releasing A Shoe To Honor The Day Colin Kaepernick Sat For The National Anthem

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