Now We Know Why Biden Hid The Identity Of The Afghan Bomber

Indian media has said that the ISIS terrorist who killed 13 United States troops and killed over 169 Afghan citizens had been freed from an afghan prison after American forces abandoned the region amidst Democrat President Biden’s terribly managed but long overdue withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Top Indian intelligence sources close to the case have said he was given to the United States’ CIA by the Research and Analysis Wing in Sept. 2017,” it was reported. “However, the jihadist went free on August 15th along with thousands of terrorists kept in the high-security prison, taking advantage of the chaos in the aftermath of the U.S. frantic exit and the Taliban’s quick takeover of the whole country.”

The report said that the terrorist was a former student of an engineering school in India who was arrested for allegedly creating a suicide bombing in New Delhi. The terrorist used his schooling as cover for entering the nation.

“America’s disorganized withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused hundreds of very competent and committed terrorists to be set free to regroup with al-Qaeda, Islamic State, and other terror groups,” an Indian intel. officer, who allegedly worked on the case involving this specific terrorist, told the publication. “Literally ten year’s work on counter-terrorism was undone by the United State’s failure to secure crucial prisoners in Bagram.”

The report suggested that the CIA informed India about the terrorist after it captured messages from ISIS’s leadership about the terror attacks that they were working on. Instead of the terrorist getting prosecuted in India, Indian officials gave them over to the United States for the CIA’s investigation which allegedly gave a significant amount information that was used to remove “multiple ISIS leaders in drone strikes.”

Business Insider reported:

“Thousands of terror inmates, including former ISIS and al-Qaeda fighters, were let go from a prison near Kabul — Pul-e-Charkhi — as well as another prison at Bagram airbase as the Taliban pushed for a “peaceful transition” of power.”

“Afghan troops surrendered the airbase, which was north of Kabul, to the Taliban this Sunday. The base contained Parwan Detention Facility, which had nearly 5,000 prisoners.”

Author: Scott Dowdy