NRA Issues Big Warning About Gun-Grabbers

While speaking at CPAC, the NRA’s leader, Wayne LaPierre, warned Americans that liberals “would rather murder the Second Amendment than save American lives.”

LaPierre mentioned President Biden, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), and Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY), saying “they are using homicide statistics as fodder, in their crusade against gun rights.”

He went further, “Criminals using guns for crimes gives Democrats the ability to lie and attack our freedom. It keeps the cameras focused on them and keeps the money flowing into their coffers from billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg.”

LaPierre said the left’s agenda is “sick and twisted,” adding, “They would rather crack down on law-abiding Americans than get tough on crime. They would rather murder the Second Amendment than save American lives.”

He noted, “They want all of us to confront evil with nothing in our hands.”

LaPierre then said that part of the leftist plan is to “empty prisons, let criminals go, while restraining police.” He said the plan is built on a drive to “surrender the streets and demand that citizens…hand over their guns as the price for ending the bloodshed that the left enabled.”

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