Obama Gives Absurd Reason For Shooting Tragedy

Barack Obama has blamed the ISIS-inspired Colorado shooting on “racism, misogyny and disaffection,” and called for gun control.

“Now is the time for those in power to end this scourge of violence,” Obama said. “It will take effort to root out the racism, misogyny and disaffection that causes these senseless violent acts.”

“Now is the time for leaders to listen when the public says enough is enough – because this is a normal we not afford any longer,” he said.

The Colorado killer was announced on Tuesday after his killing spree.

21-Year-Old Ahmad Al-Issa executed ten people including police officer Eric Talley this week during a shooting spree at a grocery store.

The suspect is a Middle Eastern man and the Atlanta shooter was going for sex workers at massage parlors to get revenge for his sex addiction but since when does truth matter to Obama and the liberal media?

Author: Scott Dowdy

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