Obama Humiliated By Trump’s New Healthcare Plan

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President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that puts forward his vision of a healthcare system that puts Americans first, unlike his predecessors healthcare system which gave the government control over the people.

He signed the order in an airport hangar at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in front of a group of health care officials.

“My Administration has been committed to restoring choice and control to the American patient,” the president stated.

“In short, we’re delivering better care with more choice and a much lower cost,” said Trump.

The president added that his plan will help reduce the cost for medical care.

He also said he’s encouraging more generic-type prescription drugs and will push to reduce costs and will work to reduce costs of prescription drugs.

“You’ll get discounts of 40-50-60-80-90%, who knows, numbers you won’t even believe,” he said.

Trump also announced his administration will send prescription drug discount cards to more than 33 million seniors.

The plan will ultimately require hospitals and insurance companies to make their prices transparent, according to a press release.

The president said his administration remains committed to ensuring those with pre-existing medical conditions always get the health insurance coverage they need.

Several physicians who are also partners of the Job Creators Network Foundation weighed in on Trump’s healthcare vision.

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said the president’s plan is “a proposal to support principles of patient choice and transparency,” according to Breitbart News.

“He voiced again his opposition to socialism, which involves a centrally planned, bureaucratic system that eliminates choice,” she added. “American patients need to be freed from stultifying regulations and one-size-fit-nobody plans that increase costs and limit quality and availability of care. The Trump Administration has made a good start in doing that.”

Board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Marilyn Singleton said in a statement, “A lot is at stake this election and healthcare reform is at the top of the list.”

“Americans should be careful not to be hoodwinked by the allure of socialized medicine when we can see the effects unfold in real time in Canada and the U.K.,” she added. “It’s time to adopt a reform framework rooted in patient choice and affordability, not rigid programs that cost more and provide fewer services. President Trump understands that.”

Tennessee-based physician Dr. Christine Hoffman noted the pandemic “has underscored the importance of a strong and high-functioning healthcare system, something President Trump clearly understands.”

“Reforming the system to provide patients with more choice and flexibility, while utilizing transparency as a tool to control costs, will help the U.S. prepare for everything from the next broken arm to a future public health emergency,” she said.

In his order the president outlined the steps he has already taken to help Americans take control of their health care which includes things like repealing the Obamacare individual mandate and protecting patients with pre-existing medical conditions.

He added that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare was a massively flawed program in need of replacement.

“In an attempt to justify the ACA, the previous Administration claimed that, absent action by the Congress, up to 129 million (later updated to 133 million) non-elderly people with what it described as pre-existing conditions were in danger of being denied health-insurance coverage. According to the previous Administration, however, only 2.7 percent of such individuals actually gained access to health insurance through the ACA, given existing laws and programs already in place to cover them. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 has long protected individuals with pre-existing conditions, including individuals covered by group health plans and individuals who had such coverage but lost it.”

“The ACA is neither the best nor the only way to ensure that Americans who suffer from pre-existing conditions have access to health-insurance coverage,” Trump said, adding Obamacare “was flawed from its inception and should be struck down.”

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