Obama Officially Endorses Biden, Takes Some Shots At Trump

By William Davis April 15th, 2020 | Image Source : Daily Caller

Former President Barack Obama officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in his bid for the presidency.

The former president released a roughly 12-minute video explaining the endorsement. He also harshly criticized his successor, President Donald Trump.

“Choosing Joe to be my vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made, and he became a close friend, and I believe Joe has all the qualities we need as a president right now,” Obama said.

Obama criticized powerful Republicans in Washington, D.C, and said Democrats will need to be “bold” in order to retake power.

“One thing everybody has learned by now is that the Republicans occupying the White House and running the U.S. Senate are not interested in progress, they’re interested in power,” Obama said. “They’ve given polluters unlimited power to poison our air and our water, and denied the science of climate change, just as they denied the science of pandemics.”

“They’ve disregarded American principles on rule of law and voting rights, and transparency,” Obama said. “Basic norms that previous administrations observed regardless of party.”

Biden took to Twitter to thank his former boss, and said Obama’s endorsement “means the world” to him.

“We’re going to build on the progress we made together, and there’s no one I’d rather have standing by my side,” Biden said.

Author: William Davis

Source: Daily Caller: Obama Makes Biden Endorsement Official, Takes Some Shots At Trump Administration And Republicans

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