Obama Tries To Steal Credit From Trump — It Does Not Go Well

Former President Obama stole the credit for the greenhouse emissions decreases that happened under the Trump White House during his speech this Monday.

Obama explained that United States emissions went down since he left the White House despite the presence of former President Trump during his comments delivered at the UN climate conference happening in Scotland. Funds from the federal government, which were given before Donald Trump took office, and efforts from local and state governments pushed green energy forward in the United States, he added.

“The determination of our local and state governments, along with the investment and regulations that my team had put into place, allowed our nation to keep going even with hostility from the Trump White House,” Obama said.

“Despite four years of hostility against climate science coming from the White House, the American public managed to still hit our original goal under the Paris Agreement,” he said.


Obama then said that the $90 billion investment his White House made in renewables back in 2009 helped “jumpstart” the United States clean energy sector. Consumers and businesses quickly adapted to renewables due to his policies, the former president claimed.

Although the Trump White House rolled back emissions rules for auto makers and removed regulations connected to efficiency standards, the United States economy managed to “stay on course,” Obama added.

United States carbon dioxide emissions have gone down by 3.7% even as energy outputs have increased by 14% since 2015 when President Obama accepted the Paris climate accords along with most other globalist leaders, as reported by the International Energy Agency. The Trump White House pulled the United States out of the Paris agreement shortly after entering the White House in early 2017.

Obama criticized Donald Trump at the time, saying the United States was joining “a small handful of countries that reject the future,” The Guardian said. But the Executive Director of the IEA, Fatih Birol, commended the United States for its historic emissions decreases during a 2019 media conference alongside Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

“In the past 10 years, the emissions decreases in the U.S. has been the greatest in the history of energy,” Birol said. “Around 800 million tons. That is a huge decline.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire