Old Biden Photos Leak, Prove The Extent Of Biden’s Corruption

We have reported before about the lie that Joe Biden told when he reported knowing nothing about Hunter’s business associates or business. That in fact, Joe had met Hunter’s associates, that it seemed they used Hunter as a way to make the real connection to his father.

But it is not only that Biden was lying about his knowledge of his son’s business, contrary to his statements.

The Daily Mail has revealed that Joe met with many of these people in his VP office, as Hunter’s laptop reveals. Joe took one of Hunter’s business connections, Jeff Cooper, on his official Air Force 2 for a Mexico City meeting back in 2016 for a ‘gigantic’ business deal. Emails even show that Joe met Hunter’s business associates inside the White House.

So it looks as though Joe was actually using his office to help his son’s business.

These emails show there could have been more D.C. visits involving Hunter’s business associates and Hunter even requested that the White House photographer give him copies of the pictures taken at the visit.

One email to Miguel Alemán Magnani from Hunter really showed how Joe and Hunter were using the office of the VP.

“I’ve seen what your family does and wish to continue in that tradition and you always claim you will help but I have not heard from you after I got you a mtg for your Dad and Carlos.”

“We have been discussing business deals for seven years. And I really appreciate you allowing me stay at your resort…but I have brought every person you wanted to the F’ing White House and the VP’s house and then I don’t hear anything for months.”

In other words, Hunter is saying: I got you what you asked for, now why are you not giving me what I want?

Meanwhile the Biden team ignored the Daily Mail’s messages asking for comment about this huge story, no doubt wanting to just let it slip away, since the whole American media are ignoring the story.

Author: Scott Dowdy