One Thing Biden Didn’t Do Yesterday Has The Country Buzzing

President Biden published a proclamation to honor Thursday’s National Day of Prayer in which he did not mention “God.”

Instead, the president said “racial injustice” and mentioned “climate change.”

On the topic of “racial injustice,” Biden’s message said, “Prayer has helped countless souls and powered movements — including fights to combat racial injustice and the rights of disabled people.”

The president later spoke about “confronting the problems of our time — from a pandemic, to a racial justice reckoning, to the threat of climate change.”

The president has not yet talked about the National Day of Prayer on Twitter. But this week, Biden did find the time to talk about Cinco de Mayo amid the still ongoing flood of illegals through the southern border.

The absence of “God” in his message was called “godless” by conservative journalists like Todd Starnes.

Biden’s words did quote the late Georgia Democratic Congressman John Lewis’ words.

“Nothing can stop a determined and committed people to cause a difference. Because human beings are the link to the divine on this planet,” Biden said, quoting Lewis.

In 2020, Trump released a statement for this same National Day of Prayer. Trump said the word “God” 11 times.

Trump highlighted in his proclamation, “As a Nation under God, we have a history of faith that keeps us inspired and a heritage of religious liberty.”

He later said, “During these unprecedented times, we are reminded that we must seek His wisdom and healing hand.”

According to their website, “The National Day of Prayer is a yearly event held on May’s first Thursday, inviting all faiths to pray for America.”

Author: Blake Ambrose