Pelosi Forced Into Retirement — Guess Which Of Her ‘Friends’ Is Making The Push?

Before I get to the good stuff, let me add the usual disclaimer about how the Republicans could somehow screw this up between today and next year. I am from Michigan and the state Republicans are very good at messing up everything for sure.

However, the one thing going well for Republicans this time that the Dems will not be able to get over is: Joe Biden.

The last two times we had large red waves back in 2010 and 1994, you had DNC Presidents that were new. Leading up to next Nov’s election, we have an old codger occupying the White House and is spewing strange rhetoric on a weekly basis. I simply don’t see how the Grand Old Party can screw this up, but they may try.

This brings us to the current Representative from California, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

An article from yesterday revealed some of the reasons why Pelosi is looking for the exit.

“The newest Rasmussen Reports survey has revealed that likely voters favor GOP members over Democrats by around 13 points, 51%-38%. The survey discovered that Democrats are favored over Republicans only among younger people, blacks, Democrats, and liberals.”

“However, there was a huge 20-point gap within independents who wanted a generic GOP member over a generic Democrat by a large margin of 48%-26%.”

“While the questioning was somewhat different in the new Rasmussen poll than in previous years, the gap is very historic and even stronger since the latest survey gave the alternatives of “some other candidate” or “not sure,” said the survey outfit.”

A twenty-point margin for Republicans among independents?

Those numbers are very bad for Nancy and her team.

Most longtime elected officials usually like to call their own shots of when they leave DC. Of course, not all of them reach it for a number of reasons, but the smart ones normally do. That is why Pelosi — even before these numbers were released — was going towards the exit.

When the Dems and Pelosi could retake the House in the 2018 midterms, that should be a crowning achievement for her since she was promptly attacked by members of her caucus such as A.O.C. plus three. These new people had not even discovered where the bathrooms were on Capitol Hill and they were targeting Nancy as a leader.

Hopefully, Nancy will make the announcement soon and then we can have photos of that awkward moment where she and AOC nod at each other as the torch is handed over from the old loons on the left to the even loonier young people on the far left.

Author: Steven Sinclaire