Pelosi Gets Caught At a ‘Swingers’ Club — Yes, You Read That Right

Now, before you lose your grip over that title and the idea of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) being at a swinger’s bar, let me do some explaining. The name of the actual bar she was at was really Swingers.

The reason they have named it Swingers was because in addition to the fancy cocktails and the high-end food, they have an adults-only golf course. On this course, you are encouraged to consume alcohol, so Pelosi should fit in with this group I think.

Pelosi was at this bar with her arm was around Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY), neither were using masks despite the current city mandate to wear masks while indoors in public businesses such as bars and restaurants that are still in effect in D.C., and even with Pelosi’s constant support for mask-wearing.

Isn’t Nancy the one always saying “science, science, science” and forcing masks onto the American people?

But here she is, ignoring the mandate since rules don’t apply to elites like her. Indeed, she and Clarke seem to be speaking to some people and everyone listening was also ignoring the mask mandate as well. Pelosi was not actively drinking or eating, so she could not even pull out that as an excuse.

Now, I totally support masks sometimes. But also don’t be a big hypocrite while you are trying to impose them onto other people.

Pelosi is fining GOP members like Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) thousands of dollars for not using masks in the House. Greene has issued a lawsuit against Nancy on the fines saying that the requirement was constitutional. According to Greene, at the last report, her fines came to over $60,000. In July, we reported how Nancy was even threatening people with arrests for not using masks. Meanwhile, the Senate had no mask requirement.

Pelosi has her own blatant history of blowing off COVID rules. Most recently, she was seen not wearing a mask while at the Getty wedding in San Francisco, while a huge crowd of people. She also officiated the wedding without a mask. This, while children in California are forced to use masks in school for hours at a time.

Author: Scott Dowdy