Pelosi Gets Wrecked After Camera Catches Her Doing The Unthinkable

Nancy Pelosi has been caught on video in a crowded White House room without a mask and chatting with other people after several GOP lawmakers were fined for not going along with her mask rule, numerous people have reported.

Videos reveal Pelosi walking through the East Room this week, hugging and speaking to other maskless officials.

Some slammed Pelosi for her hypocrisy for not using a mask in the crowded indoor area just one day after three conservatives were fined $500 each for not complying with her mask mandate. Pelosi’s policy — which is for both vaccinated and non vaccinated Americans — was still in place even though Washington, D.C. was no longer mandating vaccinated people use masks.

“We must wait for them to be vaccinated, because they are endangering others, including staff,” Pelosi said this week.

Texas Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne, Florida Congressman Brian Mast and Iowa Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks were hit with Pelosi’s fine, with seven more conservatives being given warnings due to it being their first offense.

Former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany hit back against Pelosi on Twitter for her hypocrisy.

“Just watched Pelosi not wearing a mask in a crowded area despite fining people for not wearing a mask!”

The CDC updated their guidance recently, along with the White House, to declare fully vaccinated people don’t need to use masks for most indoor or outdoor activities.

More than 30 GOP members sent a message to Pelosi on May 14 asking her to listen to the new CDC guidelines and remove the mask rule from the House.

Author: Scott Dowdy