Pelosi Is On The Verge Of Losing Her Gavel — Here’s Why

During the previous election, Democrats won the White House, tilted the Senate for their party, and kept their majority in the House. It was everything that leftists were wanting.

However, their lead in the Senate is very thin and actually, their lead in the House has just taken a hit. Because of this, Republicans believe they can get control back in 2022.

And now, it seems that House Speaker Pelosi could be very close to losing her title.

If the GOP reclaims the House, Pelosi’s career might take a turn. She has been protected by the Democrat majority.

But their majority is shrinking.

Republican Congresswoman-elect Julia Letlow (LA) was sworn in this Wednesday; her husband, Luke, passed away from coronavirus before he could take the position. Julia won her special election after his passing.

Her win means Democrats and Pelosi are now on thin ice.

A flip is so close now that Republicans can smell it, and it makes 2022 even more interesting. The importance of the upcoming midterms cannot be understated.

The GOP has 212 seats in the House, right behind Democrats’ 218.

Since tied votes fail within the House, that means Democrats cannot lose over two votes from their people to pass laws if Republicans fully oppose them.

The margin is already close enough to give Democrats nightmares.

The party usually needs all Democrats in order to pass their more liberal bills that Republicans as a whole usually reject. With such a tiny margin, the more extreme ideas might not get through.

But Democrats might get some help soon.

Two democratic candidates are competing in an upcoming runoff election in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, and another special election is happening in New Mexico’s liberal-dominated 1st District. However, Texas has a Republican-leaning 6th District seat to vote on.

So it is looking pretty close, and neither group seems to have solid footing of either chamber. All it takes is a few counter-votes to defeat any proposal.

Republicans keep looking to reclaim the majority in 2022. And then they could remove Speaker Pelosi. But for now, everything is up for grabs.



Author: Scott Dowdy

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