Pelosi Reveals Her Biggest Fear, And It’s Surprisingly Not Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to interrupt AOC’s Green New Deal in 2019 due to her being “anxious about AOC’s notoriety turning into actual power,” according to a new book about Democrat insider politics.

“In 2019, Nancy Pelosi messaged Senator Ed Markey the night before he was to aid the creation of the Green New Deal. She asked him to wait because she wanted a greater policy. It was not a good time politically. Don’t give a platform to Cortez, she said, nervous about AOC’s power,” Edward-Isaac Dovere says in his new book “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Campaign to Defeat Donald Trump.”

Markey was one of the progressives who helped form the Green New Deal program in 2019.

Pelosi’s office has pushed back against the new book’s account of events.

“This is false. This call was never made,” Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill said. He then said Pelosi’s team will ask Dovere for a correction.

Pelosi made news in 2019 for downplaying the new energy proposal.

“The green dream or whatever it’s called, nobody knows what’s in it, but they are for it,” Pelosi said at the time.

The Green New Deal was formally introduced in Congress and would start the path on what AOC said was “a wartime-like, economic mobilization to reach 100% renewable energy.” Cost estimates for the large program range into the trillions.

The measure said the country “has historically given disproportionate amount of emissions” and urges lawmakers to take a “leading role in lowering greenhouse gases through economic transformation.”

Author: Blake Ambrose