Pelosi Thrusts Climate Change Narrative Up To Terrifying New Levels

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has blamed the GOP for the sudden increase of migrants at America’s southern border, even though the Democrats control the entire Congress and the White House.

During an interview with ABC this Sunday, Nancy Pelosi stopped just shy of labeling the situation a “crisis,” instead labeling it as a “humanitarian challenge.”

She claimed the Biden administration inherited this “broke system,” and even claimed migrants were leaving Central America due to “climate change.”

“My recent trip to the Northern Triangle, which would be Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, we saw the affects of climate change,” Pelosi said. “These people were leaving due to the drought because they could not farm.”

Critics are responding by highlighting how President Biden and Kamala Harris have promised amnesty to illegals, ultimately attracting thousands of people to flood into the nation.

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