Pelosi Tries To Fix The Border Narrative — Fails Remarkably Fast


Nancy Pelosi told reporters this week that the Border situation has improved since Biden entered the oval office and that things are now on a “good path”.

“The truth about the border is, we are on a good path under Biden’s leadership … we were in a terrible situation under Trump,” Pelosi said:

Pelosi’s comment is crazy, by anyone’s standards.

Even the Biden Administration has admitted there is a humanitarian crisis going on. Where is the good in that?

There are now more than 17,000 migrant minors in facilities that are meant to only take care of a few hundred. The conditions are terrible, with illegals crammed together and sleeping on concrete floors. With many of them being covid positive.

Is any of that good?

The Cartels are also getting involved. With human trafficking, and footage has revealed babies being tossed over the border. Children are being sexually abused as they cross the border. But thank goodness Biden is in charge and the bad man Trump is gone.

Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has warned “Biden is so focused on placating the far-left for open borders, children are being sexually assaulted within America because of Biden’s complete neglect of the border and our country, and his complete lack of regard for protecting these children, whether they are sexually assaulted, dropped over the border wall or sent here through sex trafficking. Joe Biden has this on his hands.”

Reuters says that border officials caught over 171,000 migrants in the month of March, including 19,000 unaccompanied children, 53,000 families, and 99,000 adults.

Author: Steven Sinclaire


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