Pelosi Under Fire After Bizarre Comment Goes Viral

The illegals brought to the country by their illegal parents “are the true and legitimate heirs of our founding fathers,” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) said during her Thursday speech in the House.

Pelosi made her weird comment as Democrats prepared to vote on amnesty for three million or more illegals. Pelosi said:

This law is defending “dreamers,” and TPS and DED holders, it honors the fact that immigrants are the constant reinvigoration of our country.

They arrive with their hopes and dreams of a better future for their kids, that determination, courage and aspiration, are all American traits, and they make us more American.

They are the true and legitimate heirs of our founders.

Pelosi then continued praising illegals while ignoring the dreams of Americans, as well as the needs of the 17 million unemployed people in America.

Her praise echoed the globalist view that America is not a nation, but is instead just an vague idea, or only a “Nation of Immigrants” that is open to anyone and everyone.

For years, a large amount of polls have proven deep and widespread opposition to even legal migration, labor replacement, and to the flood of temporary workers into jobs sought by U.S. college graduates.

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