Pelosi Under Fire After Breaking Her Own ‘Firearm’ Rules

Last week, Democrats issued a new rule requiring members to go through metal detectors before they enter the House floor. The rule was made after several lawmakers had fears of armed conservatives, or that some GOP congressmen might “shoot them.”

After several lawmakers went around the metal detectors by entering through what is called “the speaker’s lobby,” Pelosi started issuing fines for getting around the metal detectors. Representative Louis Gohmert was fined $5,000 after taking the exit to go to the bathroom.

But now, Pelosi herself is guilty of the same exact thing. Representative Rodney Davis has caught Pelosi red-handed as she entered through the speaker’s lobby while getting around the detectors.

Pelosi’s office has not denied the story.

Representative Dan Crenshaw was direct with the Speaker. “Pay the fine, Pelosi,” he said in a tweet.

Crenshaw said to Fox News, that Pelosi should pay up because she went “against her own rules.”

“Is it a good rule? No. Is it a smart rule? Of course not. But the point is they are her rules,” the Republican stated.

“She will not follow her own rules, so we’re going to force for her to pay that fine,” Crenshaw promised.

Rep. Davis contacted the Capitol Police to let them know what Pelosi had done. The police should have then sent a notice to the Sergeant-at-Arms, Timothy Blodgett, so he can issue a fine.

But guess what? The police never sent a report to Timothy Blodgett. “Police cannot only file reports against Republicans and ignore the speaker as she flouts her own rules,” Davis stated.

GOP members have sent a message to Blodgett demanding that he enforce the rule.

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