Pelosi’s Laptop Contents Cause Nationwide Chaos

The Feds have raided an Alaskan woman’s house last week looking for Pelosi’s stolen laptop, which was taken during the Jan. 6th protest at the Capitol, but the woman refutes the accusation and says officials have her identity mistaken.

“Marilyn Hueper said federal agents broke into their home and removed laptops and a cellphone and then handcuffed everyone inside including their guests,” according to Fox News.

Hueper reported that the FBI performed their search with the aid of a Capitol police officer and that the agents “forensically analyzed” her husband’s cell. She also says that even though agents claimed no one answered when they knocked, Hueper says the police force never knocked and instead broke in the moment they arrived.

“Right off the bat, they said, ‘You know why we are here.’ Yea, not really. And they said, ‘We are here for Pelosi’s computer.’” Hueper said to a local radio station.

The agents then showed her a picture of a woman they said was inside the Capitol and that might have Pelosi’s laptop computer. The woman, Hueper says, looked just like her, but she responded to agents that, while she and her husband were outside the building, she never went inside. She and her husband instead were “eating at the Mall,” when the protesters went inside the building.

“I say, ‘Wait a minute. Is that her? That is not me. Why didn’t you show me this to begin with?’” ,., Hueper recalled during her interview.

She said she liked knowing that Pelosi’s laptop was missing and that it was not a “conspiracy theory.”

“I said, ‘Oh, so it really was stolen, good to know. I believed it was only a conspiracy, so thanks for clearing that up,’” Hueper told the radio station.

As reports have said in the past, Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, which was said to be for presentations only, disappeared during the melee, and is still missing, though a woman was arrested in connection to the incident just two weeks after the event.

Author: Steven Sinclaire