Pompeo Sends Chinese Spies Scrambling For Cover

During a closed-door meeting with Republicans, Officials asked Pompeo what should be done to counter Beijing and asked for his opinion of President Biden’s handling of the situation compared to President Trump.

“The rhetoric has been good, but it is actions that will matter., Pompeo said. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched. The Chinese will absolutely punch us, and then we will see if this White House has the backbone to act.”

Pompeo spoke about China’s increasing reach. “It’s not only an external threat., he said. “They are here.” Pompeo recounted Trump’s decision to close the Chinese Consulate in Texas, because it was a hub for spying.

“There are a lot of influence operations that the CCP carries out in America., Pompeo added, urging officials to work together to identify investments and projects paid for by China that are actually fronts for spying. “The Chinese are trying to influence them all. It is broad. It is deep. It is continuing.”

One House Republican asked Pompeo if Beijing could be discouraged from invading Taiwan. China considers Taiwan to be Chinese territory and expects it will soon reunite with the mainland, as was the case with Hong Kong.

But Pompeo responded that deterring China would depend mostly on our credibility and President Biden avoiding the mistake of seeming to be tough against China but then failing to act with a matching policy.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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