President Trump Reveals Dirty Facts Behind Obama’s Spy Scandal

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President Trump on Monday revealed that former President Barrack Obama may have committed treason while stalking the Trump campaign in 2016.

When asked during an interview with CBN News specifically what crime Obama committed, Trump responded, “Treason. Treason. It’s treason.”

The president asserted that he and his campaign were spied on by the previous administration.

“They’d been spying on my campaign,” Trump told CBN News’s David Brody. “Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.”

The president also said that the attacks against him that we have seen while he’s been in office, were been the Democrat’s “insurance policy” in the event that Hillary Clinton.

While Trump did not yet offer any specific details, he signaled that the results of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, would be rather telling.

“I’ve never met Durham, because I want to stay out of it because otherwise it’s going to look political,” Trump said. “Let’s see what they come up with.”

The president during his interview, also called the Connecticut prosecutor “highly respected” and offered praise for Attorney General William Barr.

The CBN host pointed out that “Democrats can’t stand Bill Barr,” which prompted the president to respond that it was because AG Barr is doing a good job and that it’s because he’s got Democrats “in his crosshairs.”

Asked to address Trump’s remarks about Obama in May, Barr said at that point he did not expect a criminal investigation of either Obama or former vice president Joe Biden, but the Durham probes could reveal a number of things and that others were certainly at risk of criminal investigation.

“Based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man,” Barr told reporters during a press conference. “Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”

Trump and his allies have long sought to expose the political bias that was displayed by the FBI agents who targeted his 2016 campaign as part of the Russia investigation that turned out to be nothing more than a hoax – eventually being taken over by former special counsel Robert Mueller who turned the investigation into the largest political witch hunt in history.

A bogus Justice Department inspector general report issued last year found that the FBI was not driven by bias in its decision to open investigations into Trump campaign associates and that those probes had an adequate predicate.

The watchdog, however, was deeply critical of the Justice Department’s actions in applying for a warrant to wiretap former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Durham is said to be investigating at least one potential crime related to the Page warrant.

Trump has successfully established connections between Obama and the horrifically biased attempt to take down the president by targeting his campaign.

Until Monday, Trump had declined to name a specific crime he believed his predecessor committed. He stepped up his attacks on Obama after the former president was caught privately discussing the details of charges against framed former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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