President Trump Sets Up Fight With Governors Over Reopening The Nation’s Economy

President Trump is gearing up for a fight with Democrat governors over who has the authority to lift states stay-at-home orders and reopen the economy.

“When somebody is the president of the United States the authority is total and that’s the way it’s got to be,” the president stated on Wednesday.

His comments came after several liberal governors decided to form a pact on both West and East coasts to form a plan to regionally lift coronavirus mitigation measures as U.S. residents seek to get back to work amid the pandemic.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) responded to the president’s remarks Tuesday by citing the 10th Amendment, which grants states and the people the powers not granted specifically to the president under Article Two of the Constitution. This would include public health emergencies such as the coronavirus crisis.

“The president doesn’t have total authority…the Constitution is there….the 10th Amendment is there,” said the New York Democrat. “It’s very clear, states have power by the 10th Amendment and the president is just wrong on that point.”

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont warned Tuesday that reopening parts of the country too soon could spark a resurgence of the virus if proper containment measures like widespread diagnostic testing, identification, isolation and contact tracing were not in place. He then said he doesn’t even plan on thinking about reopening his state before May 20.

However, President Trump cautioned the Democrat governors that they would need to rely on the Trump administration at some point and they would eventually have to go to him for help despite their assertions that they have total control over what their states do as the economy stalls.

“…The governors need us one way or the other because, ultimately, it comes with the federal government,” the president stated. “That being said, we’re getting along very well with the governors and I feel very certain that there won’t be a problem.”

Author: Oan Newsroom

Source: OAN: President Trump Sets Up Fight With Governors Over Reopening The Nation’s Economy

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