Private Investigation Uncovers Massive COVID Testing Hoax

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An investigation by a local Florida media outlet, FOX 35, discovered a major scandal brewing with the state’s coronavirus case count.

FOX 35 revealed that the Florida Department of Health was grossly inflated the number of coronavirus cases within the state. Health authorities misreported the number of persons testing positive for coronavirus in its aggregation and publication of the test results it received from laboratories.

“We found numerous labs that are only reporting positive test results, so they show a 100-percent positivity rate. That got our attention,” FOX 35 anchor Charles Billi explained as the reason they began looking into the state’s reporting in the first place.

The most recent publication with test results from the state, posted by the Florida Department of Health, claimed that several facilities were realizing positivity rates for coronavirus testing of 27.66, 33.33, 37.10, 40, 43.13, 44.44, 50, 55, 57.14, 59.23, 60, 87.5, 91.18, and 100.

Twenty-two labs reported 100-percent positivity rates. Two labs reported 91.18-percent positivity rates.

The Florida Department of Health’s stated positivity rates and associated volume of coronavirus cases does not match claims made by the testing facilities, reported FOX 35.

“Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates. FOX 35 found that testing sites like Centra Care reported that 83 people were tested and all tested positive. Then, NCF Diagnostics in Alachua reported 88 percent of tests were positive,” the outlet reported.

“How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every local location mentioned in the report.”

FOX 35 continued saying, “The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.”

“The report also showed that the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent,” added FOX 35. “A spokesperson for the VA told FOX 35 News on Tuesday that this does not reflect their numbers and that the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.”

FOX 35 News added that they went on to speak with the Florida Department of Health on Tuesday.

They confirmed that although private and public laboratories are required to report positive and negative results to the state immediately, some have not. Specifically, they said that some smaller, private labs were not reporting negative test result data to the state.

FOX 35’s Robert Guaderrama says the media outlet is awaiting a response from state officials regarding the health department’s errors.

Florida has a statewide positivity rate of 12.5 percent, according to the state’s latest claims of 266,119 “confirmed cases” among Florida residents which make for a total population of 21.5 million.

The state has recently been in headlines for breaking a country wide record for new cases in a single day – a statistic which we now know cannot be trusted.

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