Psaki Becomes Deer In Headlights After Reporter Asks Her This

During a White House press conference this Tuesday, Fox News journalist Peter Doocy asked a question most people have been wondering: If the vaccines do work, why is the White House and the CDC ordering vaccinated Americans to use a mask?

“If vaccines do work, then why do the Americans who have got the vaccine now have to use masks?” Doocy asked.

Psaki’s reply was completely pathetic considering she did not give an answer to Doocy’s simple question and then instead issued rambling words like “science” and “experts.”

“Because the health leaders in our team have decided based on the numbers, that is how to make sure they are safe, their loved ones are safe and that is an extra step given the virus’ transmissibility,” Psaki said.

So what she is saying in other words is that the vaccines do not work as they said they would. If they did, vaccinated people would not have to use masks.


This comes after the CDC unveiled their new guidance, saying that vaccinated Americans should start using masks again.

For months, the Democrats informed Americans to “go with the guidelines” and get their vaccine, and they would be allowed to get back to their “usual life” and would not need to use masks. This was a complete lie.

CNBC reports:

“The CDC is anticipated to recommend this Tuesday that completely vaccinated people start wearing masks even indoors in areas with high coronavirus infection rates, according to officials close to the matter.”

“Federal officials still think fully vaccinated people are a small number of transmission, according to some sources. Still, a portion of vaccinated Americans might be carrying high levels of coronavirus more than previously thought and possibly transmit covid to other people, they said.”

“As I have said before, this pandemic poses a dangerous threat to every American,” CDC Director Walensky said to journalists on the call. “Today, we have science about the Delta variant that forces us to change the guidance about what people can do when they are completely vaccinated.”

Isn’t it strange how they cite such “new data” so they can keep manipulating the American public and guard themselves against criticism?

Author: Scott Dowdy